This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. Cockroach Labs supports the current stable release and two releases prior. Please use one of these supported versions.

May 25, 2017

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Bug Fixes

  • The command-line interface no longer prompts for a password twice when password authentication is used. #15919
  • CREATE USER WITH PASSWORD now works correctly in the cockroach sql shell. #15911
  • Fixed bugs in the MIN() and MAX() aggregate functions in the presence of NULL values. #15912
  • Administrator privileges are no longer required on Windows. #15916
  • Favicons now display correctly in the web UI. #15918
  • A clear error message is now printed when running on Windows versions older than 8 (the oldest version we support). #15920
  • The --cache and --max-sql-memory flags of cockroach start now use their default values on OpenBSD. #15914
  • Attempting to create a view involving an array now returns an error instead of crashing the server. #15913
  • cockroach start --insecure now prints a warning about the consequences of insecure mode. #15924
  • The round() function for floats now works on arm64 platforms. In some instances this changes the low bits of the result on other platforms. #15915
  • Collation locales containing capital letters are now parsed correctly. #15917
  • Fixed a panic in node ID allocation. #15937
  • Other errors in node/store ID allocation are now retried automatically. #15973
  • Dropping a database containing views now works correctly. #15983
  • Fully-qualified column names referring to views now work correctly. #15984
  • Fixed a panic when preparing a query with window functions. #16019
  • Fixed a panic when null arguments are given to the generate_series() or unnest() function. #16017

Admin UI Changes

  • Fixed the display of timestamps in logs. #16002

Performance Improvements

  • Disabled RocksDB assertions in release builds. #15943 #15960
  • Index joins for queries with limits no longer fetch unnecessary rows. #15969
  • Fixed an issue causing high CPU usage after data is deleted or overwritten. #16006

Doc Updates

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