Cluster Settings

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CockroachDB v1.0 is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

This page shows you how to view and change CockroachDB's cluster-wide settings.

In contrast to cluster-wide settings, node-level settings apply to a single node. They are defined by flags passed to the cockroach start command when starting a node and cannot be changed without stopping and restarting the node. For more details, see Start a Node.


Cluster settings apply to all nodes of a CockroachDB cluster and control, for example, whether or not to share diagnostic details with Cockroach Labs as well as advanced options for debugging and cluster tuning.

They can be updated anytime after a cluster has been started, but only by the root user.


Many cluster settings are intended for tuning CockroachDB internals. Before changing these settings, we strongly encourage you to discuss your goals with Cockroach Labs; otherwise, you use them at your own risk.

The following settings can be configured without further input from Cockroach Labs:

Setting Description Value type Default value
diagnostics.reporting.enabled Enable automatic reporting of usage data to Cockroach Labs. Boolean true
diagnostics.reporting.interval Interval between automatic reports. Note that increasing this value will also cause memory usage per node to increase, as the reporting data is collected into RAM. Interval 1 hour
diagnostics.reporting.report_metrics Enable collection and reporting of diagnostic metrics. Only applicable if diagnostics.reporting.enabled is true. Boolean true
diagnostics.reporting.send_crash_reports Enable collection and reporting of node crashes. Only applicable if diagnostics.reporting.enabled is true. Boolean true
sql.defaults.distsql Define whether new client sessions try to distribute query execution by default. Integer 1 (automatic)
sql.metrics.statement_details.enabled Collect per-node, per-statement query statistics, visible in the virtual table crdb_internal.node_statement_statistics. Boolean true
sql.metrics.statement_details.dump_to_logs On each node, also copy collected per-statement statistics to the logging output when automatic reporting is enabled. Boolean false
sql.metrics.statement_details.threshold Only collect per-statement statistics for statements that run longer than this threshold. Interval 0 seconds (all statements)
sql.trace.log_statement_execute On each node, copy all executed statements to the logging output. Boolean false

View Current Cluster Settings

Use the SHOW CLUSTER SETTING statement.

Change a Cluster Setting

Use the SET CLUSTER SETTING statement.

Before changing a cluster setting, please note the following:

  • Changing a cluster setting is not instantaneous, as the change must be propagated to other nodes in the cluster.

  • It's not recommended to change cluster settings while upgrading to a new version of CockroachDB; wait until all nodes have been upgraded and then make the change.

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