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CockroachDB v1.0 is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

The RENAME COLUMN statement changes the name of a column in a table.

It is not possible to rename a column referenced by a view. For more details, see View Dependencies.


ALTER TABLE IF EXISTS table_name RENAME COLUMN current_name TO name

Required Privileges

The user must have the CREATE privilege on the table.


Parameter Description
IF EXISTS Rename the column only if a column of current_name exists; if one does not exist, do not return an error.
table_name The name of the table with the column you want to use.
current_name The current name of the column.
name The name you want to use for the column, which must be unique to its table and follow these identifier rules.


Rename a Column

> SELECT * FROM users;
| id | name  | title |
|  1 | Tom   | cat   |
|  2 | Jerry | rat   |
> ALTER TABLE users RENAME COLUMN title TO species;
> SELECT * FROM users;
| id | name  | species |
|  1 | Tom   | cat     |
|  2 | Jerry | rat     |

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