What's New in beta-20170126

Jan 26, 2017

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License Change

  • CockroachDB is now covered by the CockroachDB Community License. A pure open-source (APL2) version can be obtained by building from source with the make buildoss build target. See our blog post for more details.


Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • TLS 1.2 is now required to communicate with a CockroachDB server in secure mode. #12898
  • The hex string syntax X'0d0a' now produces byte values instead of string values, so it can accept non-UTF-8 input. #13094

Build Changes

  • Cockroachdb now uses Go 1.7.4. #12881

New Features

SQL Language Changes

  • The information_schema.statistics table and the output of SHOW INDEXES now include columns that are added to the index implicitly (the primary key is an implicit part of secondary indexes). These columns are marked by a new Implicit column. #12801
  • The COPY statement is now more compatible with PostgreSQL. #12723
  • CockroachDB now advertises the integer_datetimes parameter, improving compatibility with JDBC. #12842
  • The sum() function now works with INTEGER values. #12938
  • The format_type() nd col_description() functions are now supported. #12967 #12978
  • The pg_catalog.pg_enum table now exists (although it is always empty because we do not yet support enum types). #12972
  • The pg_catalog.pg_collation table is now supported, along with the pg_attribute.attcollation and pg_type.typcollation columns. #12983
  • The OID and NAME types are now supported (and used in pg_catalog) for compatibility with PostgreSQL. #12641
  • SHOW COLUMNS now includes a summary of indices that the column is a part of. #12907

Command-Line Interface Changes

  • The cockroach dump command can now dump multiple tables at the same time. #12759
  • The cockroach dump has a new flag, --dump-mode, which can be used to dump the schema or the data for a table separately. #12759
  • Timestamps are now displayed in a format which is accepted by the SQL parser. #12886
  • The --pretty flag has been removed from commands that never used it. #12900
  • An error is raised when too many positional command-line arguments are provided. #12901

Admin UI Changes

  • When the cursor is over a graph, a vertical line is shown to mark the same time on all graphs. #12645

Performance Improvements

  • Table leases are now released when a node shuts down cleanly. #12501
  • Miscellaneous query optimizations. #12617
  • The gossip network reaches equilibrium faster in larger clusters. #12880 #12920 #12974
  • When a node is shutting down, SQL connections are closed when they become idle. #12952
  • Nodes now refuse to accept new ranges if they are falling behind on the ranges they already have. #13043

Bug Fixes

  • UPDATE statements using a secondary index no longer cause server crashes during schema changes. #12794
  • Improved accuracy and performance of node liveness heartbeats. #12864
  • Reduced the occurrence of "ambiguous result" errors. #12557
  • The server no longer ignores signals during initialization. #12743
  • It is now possible to drop a table with a self-referential foreign key without the CASCADE modifier. #12958
  • Additional data consistency checks have been temporarily enabled. #12994
  • Fixed a crash when retryable errors are returned inside subqueries. #13028
  • Node ID allocation is now retried if it fails when a node first starts. #13107

Doc Updates


This release includes 115 merged PRs by 25 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community:

  • DiSiqueira
  • Jason E. Aten
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