What's New in beta-20170105

Jan 5, 2017

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General Changes

  • CockroachDB now uses a more recent version of GRPC. #9697

SQL Language Changes

  • FILTER clauses for aggregate functions are now supported. See the SELECT documentation for examples. #10146
  • Columns can now be created with collated string types, although these columns cannot yet be indexed or part of the primary key. #12294
  • INTERVAL values can now be added to DATE values. #12428
  • TIMESTAMP values can now be compared to DATE values. #12431
  • DATE literals in views now work correctly. #12450
  • Parsing of INTERVAL values is now more consistent with PostgreSQL. #12559 #12566
  • ORDER BY now works correctly when sorting by the result of an aggregate function. #12185
  • ORDER BY now returns an error in more cases when its arguments are ambiguous. #12255
  • The experimental_unique_bytes() function has been removed. #12228
  • The extract() function now supports DATE values. As a consequence, extract() no longer supports STRING values, which must now be explicitly cast to TIMESTAMP or DATE. #12479
  • The pg_indexes.pg_indexes now includes the oid column. #12359
  • The pg_catalog.pg_get_indexdef function is now supported. #12359
  • The array_agg() function now handles NULL values correctly. #12534

Admin UI Changes

  • Metrics for the number of live nodes and the number of Raft commands are now reported. #12296
  • Improved the time selector. #12360
  • Added new summary statistics. #12486
  • Graph axes have been improved. #12427
  • The event list has been updated. #12638

Performance Improvements

  • When a node stops responding to heartbeats, non-heartbeat Raft traffic to that node is suspended until it becomes responsive again. #12631
  • Improved logic for transferring Raft leadership to coincide with the lease holder. #12323
  • Fixed a thundering herd problem after a node goes down. #12352
  • Prevented unnecessary retries of Raft commands. #12487
  • Improved lease rebalancing in deployments with multiple stores per node. #12565
  • Reduced the number of cgo calls made to RocksDB. #12343

Bug Fixes

  • Commands are now canceled correctly if the replica tracking them is removed while they are pending. #12313
  • Raft groups are always initialized when handling messages. #12465
  • Improved error handling for invalid UTF-8 strings. #12194
  • Fixed several bugs in FULL and RIGHT OUTER JOIN. #12364
  • Fixed a regression in OUTER JOIN operations with predicates. #12350
  • Fixed type checking in window definitions. #12483
  • Fixed a bug when adding columns with families to tables created by certain older beta versions of CockroachDB. #12475
  • It is now possible to disable logging output to files with --log-dir="". #12662
  • When logging to both stderr and files, all desired logging output is now properly emitted to files, not only to stderr. #12662

Internal Changes

  • A framework has been introduced for migrating existing clusters to new definitions for internal tables. #11658

Doc Updates


This release includes 122 merged PRs by 25 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community:

  • Haines Chan

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