What's New in beta-20161215

Dec 15, 2016

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General Changes

  • CockroachDB now uses RocksDB version 4.11.2. #9616

SQL Language Changes

  • Additional support for standard database introspection required by popular ORMs. These features apply to built-in tables only; eventually, they will be made available for user-generated tables as well.
    • The array_agg aggregate function is now supported for ints and strings. #12186
    • The ANY, SOME and ALL array operators are now supported. #12102
    • GROUP BY can now be used with columns of type ARRAY. #12198
  • The SET command now recognizes the search_path, client_encoding, standard_conforming_strings, and client_min_messages variables for compatibility with PostgreSQL. Setting these variables currently has no effect. #12149
  • The SHOW server_version command now returns the version of PostgreSQL that CockroachDB most closely resembles. #12149

Admin UI Changes

  • Aggregated rates are now computed correctly. #12200
  • Various stylistic improvements. #12118 #12152
  • Metrics have been added for lease-related operations. #12205

Performance Improvements

  • Raft snapshots are now applied one at a time. #12192

Bug Fixes

  • The repair system now detects unresponsive nodes more accurately in the event of asymmetric partitions. #12178
  • String arrays are now quoted correctly on the wire. #12268

Doc Updates

  • Each SQL constraint now has a dedicated page of documentation. #901
  • The cockroach zone documentation now offers minimum and maximum recommendations for the ttlseconds setting, which defines the number of seconds overwritten values are retained before garbage collection. #912


This release includes 62 merged PRs by 18 authors.

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