What's New in beta-20161208

Dec 8, 2016

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SQL Language Changes

Command-Line Interface Changes

  • Log file names have changed. The new format is cockroach.kenabook.kena.2016-11-28T20_00_35Z.009524.ERROR.log. #11666

Admin UI Changes

  • On the Cluster Overview page, added a Summary section showing total nodes and capacity used, and updated the overall navigation and style. #11696 #11754
  • Several "allocator" metrics have been replaced with a new "underreplicated range" metric. #11733 #11983
  • The "ranges available" metric has been replaced with a "ranges unavailable" metric, which is computed differently. #11760
  • New metrics have been added for the replication queue and replica GC queue. #11753 #11785
  • New metrics have been added for RPCs. #11711
  • New metrics have been added to track commands that have been stuck for a long time. #12106

Performance Improvements

  • Range leases are now balanced across the nodes in a cluster. #11757
  • Raft heartbeats are once again coalesced into one message per pair of nodes instead of per range. #11757
  • Persisting the applied index is now faster. #9993
  • The replication queue no longer tries to reprocess the same range repeatedly. #11982
  • Limited frequent reprocessing of ranges for time series maintenance and consistency checks. #10665
  • The time series maintenance queue no longer sends commands when it has nothing to do. #11762
  • The pow() function is now faster when small numbers are raised to very large powers. #11738
  • JOIN queries now only scan the columns they need. #11736
  • Micro-optimized logging and removed some noisy log events. #11778

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a panic when sending a raft message fails. #11985
  • Fixed a memory spike that could occur during asymmetric partitions. #12100
  • DROP DATABASE now works when foreign key constraints are present. #12036
  • DROP DATABASE no longer hangs when subqueries have been used. #11730
  • Requests no longer get stuck forever after a timeout. #12000
  • Comparisons of SQL tuples now work for all types. #10475


This release includes 101 merged PRs by 19 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community.

  • songhao
  • yznming
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