What's New in beta-20160929

Sep 29, 2016

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New Features

  • The --advertise-host flag can now be used to override the address to advertise to other CockroachDB nodes. #9503
  • The --http-host flag sets the address to bind to for HTTP requests. Together with --http-port, it will replace --http-addr in a future release. #9573
  • More metrics are now exported about the internal garbage collection of deleted values. #9571
  • More metrics are now exported about file descriptor usage. #9582
  • The system now uses OpenTracing's new key-value style logging APIs. #9578

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an inconsistency that could occur when transactions race with garbage collection. #9377
  • Retried BeginTransaction operations no longer leak internal errors to the client. #9305
  • Brief service interruptions are now avoided after shard splits. #9550

UI Changes

  • The UI no longer crashes when a tab is reopened after being in the background for a long time. #9042

Performance Improvements

  • Ranges which are not receiving traffic now stop sending raft heartbeats. #9383
  • Raft snapshots are now sent as a stream instead of one large message. #9292
  • The rebalancer is now better about noticing under-full stores. #9415
  • Raft messages are now sent in batches. #9485
  • Nodes are now quicker to fail over to other replicas when one is unresponsive. #9239
  • Dropping a table or index is now faster. #9419
  • Re-enabled consensus-level optimizations for network i/o. #9606

Doc Updates


This release includes 78 merged PRs by 19 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community, especially first-time contributor Haines Chan:

  • Haines Chan
  • Jingguo Yao
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