What's New in beta-20160616

Jun 16, 2016

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Deprecation Notice

  • Integers with a leading zero (e.g., 0755) are currently treated as octal. In a future release, leading zeros will be ignored and the numbers will be treated as decimal. #7205

New Features

  • SELECT statements now accept an AS OF SYSTEM TIME clause to read values from the recent past (up to the GC policy set in the zone configuration). #7139
  • Hexadecimal byte string literals of the form x'f00d' can now be used to create byte strings containing arbitrary characters. #7138
  • BIGSERIAL and SMALLSERIAL are now supported as aliases for SERIAL. All three types use the same 64-bit value size. #7187

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a panic in some uses of subqueries. #6994, #7146
  • ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN now allows the addition of columns with a uniqueness constraint only when the table is empty. #7094
  • Improved availability when --raft-tick-interval is increased from its default value. #7086
  • Improved reporting of errors from single statements run outside transactions. #7080
  • Invalid octal literals (e.g., 09) no longer crash the server. #7134
  • When ALTER TABLE fails, it now rolls back dependent items in the correct order. #6789
  • Aggregate functions like SUM() are no longer allowed in CHECK or DEFAULT expressions. #7221

Performance Improvements

  • Improved rate limiting of snapshots during rebalancing, reducing memory usage and improving availability. #6878
  • Splitting a range that has grown beyond the target size is now faster. #7118
  • Raft elections are now initiated lazily instead of shortly after server startup. #7085
  • The raft log is now garbage-collected more eagerly. #7125
  • Increased RocksDB block size, which reduces memory usage. #7219

Doc Updates

  • Docs on the Built-in SQL client now cover pretty-printing to the standard output when executing SQL from the command line. The examples have been improved as well. #373
  • Docs on the STRING and INT data types now cover hexadecimal-encoded literal format. Also, the STRING docs now cover escape string format. #392
  • On Functions and Operators, functions are now identified as "built-in" or "aggregate". Also, function categorization has been improved. #379, #387
  • On CREATE INDEX, the syntax diagram has been clarified and expanded. #382


This release includes 80 merged PRs by 19 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community:

  • Kenji Kaneda
  • Paul Steffensen
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