What's New in beta-20160526

May 26, 2016

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Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • Numeric literals containing a decimal point are now treated as type DECIMAL instead of type FLOAT, unless type inference determines that FLOAT should be used. In some cases, an explicit CAST(x AS FLOAT) may be needed. #6752
  • The custom error codes CR000 (indicating a transaction needs to be retried) and CR001 (indicating a transaction is in an invalid state) have been replaced with the PostgreSQL standard error codes 40001 (serialization failure) and 25000 (invalid transaction state), respectively. #6797

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problems when tables are renamed or dropped and recreated in rapid succession. #6595
  • DROP DATABASE now works correctly with quoted names. #6851
  • Gracefully shutting down a node now completes faster. #6777
  • INSERT ... ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING no longer crashes the server when no conflicting index is given. #6795
  • INSERT ... ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING now requires only the INSERT permission instead of both INSERT and UPDATE. #6827
  • Numeric literals in scientific notation are now case-insensitive. #6864
  • TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE is now recognized as a synonym for TIMESTAMP. #6888
  • Attempting to access a database that does not exist now returns PostgreSQL error code 3D000 ("invalid catalog name") instead of a generic error. #6680

Internal Changes

  • Most of the /_status/ HTTP endpoints now use GRPC internally. #6702 #6788
  • The cockroach exterminate command (which did not work) has been removed. #6780
  • Garbage collection now retains the first value outside the configured interval, since it was the current value at the start of the interval. #6778

Doc Updates

  • Docs on the INSERT statement are now available. #308
  • Docs on the UPSERT statement are now available. #308


This release includes 58 merged PRs by 16 authors. We would like to thank the following contributor from the CockroachDB community:

  • Kenji Kaneda
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