What's New in beta-20160512

May 12, 2016

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Upgrade Procedure

  • This release cannot be run concurrently with older beta releases. Please stop all nodes running older releases before restarting any node with this version.

New Features

  • The INSERT statement now accepts an ON CONFLICT clause, for a more flexible alternative to UPSERT. #6591
  • The new EXPLAIN (TYPES) subcommand prints information about the types of expressions in a statement. #6482
  • Added the aggregate functions BOOL_AND() and BOOL_OR(). #6535
  • The aggregate functions SUM(INT) and AVG(INT) now return DECIMAL instead of INT and FLOAT respectively. #6532
  • The new command-line flag --raft-tick-interval allows the raft heartbeat frequency to be changed in high-latency deployments. #6615
  • TIMESTAMP values can now be cast to type STRING. #6605
  • The CREATE DATABASE statement now accepts an ENCODING option for compatibility with PostgreSQL, although UTF8 is the only supported encoding. #6614

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when a single INSERT statement inserts multiple values for the same primary key. #6564
  • Fixed an inconsistency that could occur when a transaction in SNAPSHOT isolation used the internal DeleteRange operation. #6548
  • Fixed an integer underflow that could result in log messages like transport: http2Server received 4294965918-bytes. #6567
  • Long-running transactions are no longer allowed to exceed their table descriptor lease. #6418
  • Subtracting an INTERVAL from a TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE returns a TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE instead of one without a time zone. #6540
  • Improved type checking of comparisons involving tuples. #6517
  • CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE, and DROP INDEX now do more validation of their arguments. #6492

Performance improvments

  • Improved tracking of keys modified during a transaction, improving performance of bulk inserts. #6611
  • Schema changes can now continue past transient errors. #6552

Doc Updates

  • The new Tech Talks page links to recordings and slides from talks by CockroachDB founders and engineers.
  • Docs for the built-in SQL client now demonstrate various ways to execute SQL statements from the command line and run external commands from the interactive shell.
  • Data type docs now provide details about storage size.
  • Although it's not possible to access CockroachDB's key-value store directly, the FAQ now suggests a SQL alternative.
  • Replication recommendations now address cross-datacenter scenarios.


This release includes 87 merged PRs by 18 authors. We would like to thank the following contributor from the CockroachDB community:

  • Kenji Kaneda
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