What's New in beta-20160505

May 5, 2016

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New Features

  • New SQL command UPSERT is available. This is syntactically similar to INSERT but will update the row with the supplied columns if there is a conflicting row for the primary key. #6456
  • The SQL type system has been overhauled, reducing the number of explicit casts required. RFC
  • Tuples are now considered for index selection, so SELECT * FROM t WHERE (a, b) > ($1, $2) can use an index defined on (a, b). #6332

Performance improvements

  • Bulk inserts to previously-empty table spans are now faster. #6375, #6414
  • Ranges that have grown above the target size are now split before being rebalanced, reducing memory usage. #6447
  • Reduced rapid memory growth during partitions. #6448
  • ALTER TABLE now performs backfill operations in chunks. #6056
  • DROP TABLE now uses the schema change mechanism intead of synchronously deleting all data. #6336
  • Scanning over records that have only one MVCC version is faster. #6351
  • The command queue now uses coarse-grained spans until a conflict has occurred. #6412
  • When a replica is rebalanced from one node to another, the old node no longer triggers unnecessary Raft elections. #6423


  • Servers now attempt to drain more gracefully when restarted. #6313
  • Metrics on lease requests are now available internally. #5596
  • The RocksDB cache will no longer use all available memory if cgroups reports a limit higher than physical memory. #6379

Bug Fixes

  • The range descriptor cache is now invalidated correctly, fixing a bug in which requests could be retried repeatedly on the wrong node. #6425
  • Fixed a bug with some queries using aggregate functions like MIN() and MAX(). #6380
  • Tuple comparisons now work correctly when one tuple contains NULL. #6370

Doc Updates


This release includes 66 merged PRs by 18 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community, especially first-time contributor Paul Steffensen.

  • Bogdan Batog
  • il9ue
  • Kenji Kaneda
  • Paul Steffensen
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