Resilient apps, rewarding customer experiences

  • Support a huge volume of transactions at scale
  • Ensure your data survives outages and maintains high availability
  • Deliver low-latency experiences to customers everywhere

Relational data at any scale

  • Support referential integrity and use Postgres-compatible SQL
  • Serve ACID-compliant transactions
  • ​​Grow efficiently from one customer to a global audience

Optimize ops with automated scale

  • Add resources intelligently when workloads require
  • Never pay for more than what you use
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and manual sharding

By developers, for developers

Finally, a database dev teams will more than tolerate

Proven in enterprise environments

Industry leaders trust CockroachDB with their most critical workloads

Deploy CockroachDB your way

Serverless, fully managed, or self-hosted. Choose what’s right for you.

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