An evaluation of database scale and developer simplicity

CockroachDB vs PostgreSQL Services

/* How do AWS RDS and Google CloudSQL stack up against CockroachDB? */

Why choose CockroachDB over PostgreSQL Services?

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Easy and auto-scale

CockroachDB eliminates the operational nightmare for read/write scale and can even autoscale with Serverless

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Zero downtime

CockroachDB enables you to avoid downtime attributed to upgrades, schema changes, and disasters

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Multi-region made easy

CockroachDB provides simple DDL to allow you to scale across regions to survive failures or meet user latency requirements

CockroachDB and PostgreSQL Services employ a similar distributed architecture; however, with CockroachDB you are free to deploy wherever and however you like.

Tied to each cloud provider, AWS or GCP only
All public clouds, on prem and local
Designed as single instance architecture
Architected to span globally distributed data centers, yet still valuable in a single data center
Scale only through bigger machines or operationally intense manual sharding
Elastic and auto scale means minimal-to-no operations
Manual operations required for active-passive failover and complex remediation
Naturally resilient to outages with granular control at the row level
imageRequired downtime
Database must be taken offline for upgrades and schema changes
No downtime upgrades and online schema changes
imageTransactional consistency
Configurable to guarantee consistency but only in a single instance
Guaranteed correct data in single data center and beyond
Limited ability to optimize latency concerns for multi-region writes
Advances in parallel commits and transaction pipelining reduce broad geographic transaction latencies
imageData residency
Entire database lives in a single region; data residency is not an option
Data is tied to a node at the row level to optimize performance and/or regulatory compliance
imageHybrid and multi-cloud deployment
Tied to explicit instances only, no options for multi and/or hybrid cloud
Run anywhere on any cloud, even across regions and clouds
Simple and fairly straightforward
Wire compatible with PostgreSQL with some required work for syntax
Tied to a public cloud provider
Run anywhere and across multiple clouds
Simple straightforward pricing, with complexities around active-passive systems
Simple, straightforward pricing, plus the ability to tie data to a location to avoid egress costs

A PostgreSQL managed service…but better?

CockroachDB Serverless was architected to give developers the simplest and easiest way to start using a database AND pay for only what they consume.

Start instantly

Spin up your first cluster in just a few clicks

Pay only for what you use

Never pay for idle time, and set budget caps


Automatically scale up or down to meet demand

Switch to CockroachDB Today

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