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Radar Report for Cloud Database Platforms

With so many players in the DBaaS market–each with their own capabilities, strengths, and challenges–it’s hard to compare different products. GigaOm’s Radar Report is here to make that process easy.

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In this exclusive, GigaOm analyzes MongoDB Atlas, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora, Google Cloud Spanner, and more to give you a profile and ranking of each across key decision criteria.

It delivers:

  • Cloud Database Vendor Profiles: An overview of popular cloud databases, summarizing their strengths, challenges, and unique features.

  • Key Decision Criteria: In the report, GigaOm analysts outline key product features that drive DBaaS purchase decisions.

  • The Cloud Database Radar: GigaOm’s in-depth vendor analysis measures and plots each cloud database offering across four categories: maturity, platform, innovation, and features.

About the Report

The GigaOm Radar Report weighs each product’s execution, roadmap, and ability to innovate to offer a forward-looking assessment of the cloud database space. The Radar chart plots the current and projected position of each solution over a 12-18 month window. Products are designated Forward Movers, Fast Movers, or Outperformers based on their strategy and pace of innovation.

About GigaOm

GigaOm provides technical, operational, and business advice for IT’s strategic digital enterprise and business initiatives. GigaOm’s unbiased advice empowers enterprises to successfully compete in an increasingly complicated business atmosphere that requires a solid understanding of constantly changing customer demands.

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