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CockroachDB Guides & Resources

Comprehensive resources to help developers, DBAs, and CTOs get more out of distributed databases.

Data Localization Regulation 2019 Snapshot

In this report, we cover the impact of regulations on business and the details of notable regulations across the globe. In the end we leave you with guiding principles for building a database strategy for the future of digital business.
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2018 Cloud Report

In the 2018 Cloud Computing Report, we test the performance of GCP and AWS, comparing TPC-C performance (e.g., throughput and latency), CPU, Network, I/O, and cost.
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High Availability Architecture with CockroachDB

Learn how to build high availability services that can survive severe outages.
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CockroachDB vs. Amazon Aurora Price Comparison

Learn how teams can save 80-90% by using CockroachDB instead of Amazon Aurora.
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Scale Your App & Remain GDPR Compliant

Learn how to scale your application into the EU while complying with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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Kubernetes: Stateful Apps with CockroachDB

Learn how Kubernetes' newest features work with CockroachDB to let you orchestrate replicated, stateful, consistent applications in production.
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CockroachDB TPC-C Performance

CockroachDB 2.0 features greatly improved performance––which is now capable of performance over 10x more TPC-C throughput than Amazon Aurora.
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Scaling Databases with Multi-Region Deployments

Scaling a distributed database poses challenges for small teams; this guide can help by providing a high-level understanding and tactical advice.
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Highly Available Database Architectures: CockroachDB vs Oracle

In this guide, we walk through what it takes to create the infrastructure for a highly available, widely distributed service using CockroachDB versus delivery of a similar capability using Oracle.
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