This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. Cockroach Labs supports the current stable release and two releases prior. Please use one of these supported versions.

April 23, 2018

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General Changes

  • The new server.clock.persist_upper_bound_interval cluster setting can be used to guarantees monotonic wall time across server restarts. #24624
  • The new server.clock.forward_jump_check_enabled cluster setting can be used to cause nodes to panic on clock jumps. #24606
  • Prevented execution errors reporting a missing libtinfo.so.5 on Linux systems. #24531

Enterprise Edition Changes

  • It is now possible to RESTORE views when using the into_db option. #24590
  • The new jobs.registry.leniency cluster setting can be used to allow long-running IMPORT jobs to survive temporary node saturation. #24505
  • Relaxed the limitation on using BACKUP in a mixed version cluster. #24515

SQL Language Changes

  • Improved the error message returned on object creation when no current database is set or only invalid schemas are in the search_path. #24812
  • The current_schema() and current_schemas() built-in functions now only consider valid schemas, like PostgreSQL does. #24758
  • ROLE, VIRTUAL, and WORK are no longer reserved keywords and can again be used as unrestricted names. #24665 #24549

Command-Line Changes

  • When cockroach gen haproxy is run, if an haproxy.cfg file already exists in the current directory, it now gets fully overwritten instead of potentially resulting in an unusable config. #24336

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when using fractional units (e.g., 0.5GiB) for the --cache and --sql-max-memory flags of cockroach start. #24388
  • Fixed the handling of role membership lookups within transactions. #24334
  • Fixed a bug causing some lookup join queries to report incorrect type errors. #24825
  • ALTER INDEX ... RENAME can now be used on the primary index. #24777
  • Fixed a panic involving inverted index queries using the -> operator. #24596
  • Fix a panic involving inverted index queries over NULL. #24566
  • Fixed a bug preventing inverted index queries that have a root with a single entry or element but multiple children overall. #24376
  • JSONB values can now be cast to STRING values. #24553
  • Prevented executing distributed SQL operations on draining nodes. #23916
  • Fixed a panic caused by a WHERE condition that requires a column to equal a specific value and at the same time equal another column. #24517
  • Fixed a panic caused by passing a Name type to has_database_privilege(). #24270
  • Fixed a bug causing index backfills to fail in a loop after exceeding the GC TTL of their source table. #24427
  • Fixed a panic caused by null config zones in diagnostics reporting. #24526

Performance Improvements

  • Some SELECTs with limits no longer require a second low-level scan, resulting in much faster execution. #24796


This release includes 39 merged PRs by 16 authors. Special thanks to Vijay Karthik from the CockroachDB community.

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