This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. Cockroach Labs supports the current stable release and two releases prior. Please use one of these supported versions.

March 26, 2018

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General Changes

  • A CockroachDB process now flushes its logs upon receiving SIGHUP instead of SIGUSR1 as it did earlier. This is aimed to simplify the automation of process monitoring, test, and backup tools. #23783
  • Information about zone config usage is now included in diagnostic reports. #23750

Enterprise Edition Changes

SQL Language Changes

  • SQL features introduced in CockroachDB v2.0 cannot be used in clusters that are not upgraded fully to v2.0. #24013
  • Added an escape option to the encode() and decode() built-in functions. #23781
  • Introduced a series of PostgreSQL-compatible, privilege-related built-in functions. #23839
  • Added the pg_language table to the pg_catalog virtual schema. #23839
  • Added the anyarray type to the pg_type virtual schema. #23836
  • Retryable errors on schema change operations are now less likely to be returned to clients; more operations are retried internally. #24050

Command-Line Changes

  • Client commands now report a warning if the connection URL is specified by the --url as well as some other command-line flag. If you use the --url flag, other flags can fill in pieces missing from the URL.
  • Added per-node heap profiles to the debug zip command output. #23858

Admin UI Changes

  • More debug pages are now locked down by the server.remote_debugging.mode cluster setting. #24022
  • The Network Diagnostics report no longer crashes when the latencies are very small or on a single node cluster. #23868
  • Fixed the flicker in the Node Map as data is being reloaded. #23757
  • Fixed the text overflowing past the table cell boundaries on the Jobs page. #23748
  • Updated the labels for the Snapshots graph on the Replication dashboard to be more specific. #23742
  • Fixed a bug where graphs would not display on clusters with large numbers of nodes. #24045
  • Decommissioned nodes no longer appear in the node selection dropdown on the Metrics page. #23800
  • Fixed a condition where a persistent trailing dip could appear in graphs for longer time periods. #23874

Bug Fixes

  • Redacted string values in debug API responses. #24070
  • Old replicas are now garbage collected in a more timely fashion after a node has been offline for a long time (this bug only exists in recent v2.0 alpha/beta releases, not in v1.1). #24066
  • Fixed a bug where some inverted index queries could return incorrect results. #23968
  • Fixed the behavior of the @> operator with arrays and scalars. #23969
  • Inverted indexes can no longer be hinted for inappropriate queries. #23989
  • Enforced minimum privileges for the admin role. #23935
  • A panic is now avoided if the SQL audit log directory does not exist when the node is started. #23928
  • Supported Postgres syntax for USING GIN. #23910
  • Fixed a bug where INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE/UPSERT may lose updates if run using WITH or the [ ... ] syntax. #23895
  • Made sure that all built-in functions have a unique Postgres OID for compatibility. #23880
  • Fixed an error message generated by the experimental SCRUB feature. #23845
  • Fixed a bug where CREATE VIEW after ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN would fail to register the dependency on the newly added column. #23845
  • Fixed crashes or incorrect results when combining an OUTER JOIN with a VALUES clause that contains only NULL values on a column (or other subqueries which result in a NULL column). #23838
  • Fixed rare nil pointer exception in rebalance target selection. #23807
  • The cockroach zone set command will now automatically retry if it encounters an error while setting zone configurations. #23782
  • Fixed a bug where closing a connection in the middle of executing a query sometimes crashed the server. #23761
  • Fixed a bug where expressions could be mistakenly considered equal, despite their types being different. #23722
  • Fixed a bug where the RANGE COUNT metric on the Cluster Overview page of the Admin UI could significantly undercount the number of ranges. #23746
  • The client URL reported upon cockroach start now does not include the option application_name. #23894

Performance Improvements

  • Improved cluster performance during overload scenarios. #23884

Doc Updates


This release includes 64 merged PRs by 23 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community, with special thanks to first-time contributors Bob Vawter.

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