What's New in v2.0-beta.20180312

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

March 12, 2018

In this release, we’ve enhanced our debug pages to support graphing custom metrics, improved handling of large deletes, and fixed several bugs.

  • Custom graph debug page #23227
  • Improve handling of large deletes #23289

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Build Changes

  • Binaries are now built with Go 1.10 by default. #23311

General Changes

  • Logging data is now flushed to files every second to aid troubleshooting and monitoring. Synchronization to disk is performed separately every 30 seconds. #23231
  • Disabling diagnostics reporting also disables new version notification checks. #23007
  • Removed the diagnostics.reporting.report_metrics cluster setting, which is duplicative with the COCKROACH_SKIP_ENABLING_DIAGNOSTIC_REPORTING environment variable. #23007
  • All internal error messages are now logged when logging is set to a high enough verbosity. #23127

SQL Language Changes

  • Improved handling of large DELETE statements. They are now either allowed to complete or exited with an error message indicating that the transaction is too large to complete. #23289
  • The pg_catalog virtual tables, as well as the special casts ::regproc and ::regclass, can now only be queried by clients that set a current database. #23148

Command-Line Changes

  • When a node spends more than 30 seconds waiting for an init command or to join a cluster, a help message now gets prints to stdout. #23181

Admin UI Changes

  • Added a new debug page that allows users to create a "custom" graph displaying any combination of metrics. #23227
  • In the geographical map on the homepage of the Admin UI enterprise version, node components now link to Note Details page. #23283
  • Removed the Keys Written per Second per Store graph. #23303
  • Added the Lead Transferee field to the Range Debug page. #23241

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a correctness bug where some ORDER BY queries would not return the correct results. #23541
  • The Admin UI no longer hangs after a node's network configuration has changed. #23348
  • The binary format for JSONB values is now supported. #23215
  • A node now waits in an unready state for the length of time specified by the server.shutdown.drain_wait cluster setting before draining. This helps ensure that load balancers will not send client traffic to a node about to be drained. #23319
  • Fixed a panic when using UPSERT ... RETURNING with UNION. #23317
  • Prevented disruptions in performance when gracefully shutting down a node. #23300
  • Hardened the cluster version upgrade mechanism. Rapid upgrades through more than two versions could sometimes fail recoverably. #23287
  • Fixed a deadlock when tables are rapidly created or dropped. #23288
  • Fixed a small memory leak in IMPORT CSV. #23259
  • Prevented a panic in DistSQL under certain error conditions. #23201
  • Added a readiness endpoint (/health?ready=1) for better integration with load balancers. #23247
  • Fixed a zero QPS scenario when gracefully shutting down a node. #23246
  • Secondary log files (e.g., the SQL execution log) are now periodically flushed to disk, in addition to the flush that occurs naturally when single log files are full (--log-file-max-size) and when the process terminates gracefully. Log file rotation is also now properly active for these files. #23231
  • Previously, the ranges column in the node status command output only included ranges whose raft leader was on the node in question. It now includes the count of all ranges on the node, regardless of where the raft leader is. #23180
  • Fixed a panic caused by empty COCKROACH_UPDATE_CHECK_URL or COCKROACH_USAGE_REPORT_URL environment variables. [#23008][#23008]
  • Prevented stale reads caused by the system clock moving backwards while the cockroach process is not running. #23122
  • Corrected the handling of cases where a replica fails to retrieve the last processed timestamp of a queue. #23127
  • Fixed a bug where the liveness status would not always display correctly on the single-node page in the Admin UI. #23193
  • Fixed a bug that showed incorrect descriptions on the Jobs page in the Admin UI. #23256

Doc Updates


This release includes 44 merged PRs by 21 authors.

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