This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. Cockroach Labs supports the current stable release and two releases prior. Please use one of these supported versions.

January 29, 2018

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General Changes

  • CockroachDB now uses gRPC version 1.9.2 #21600

Enterprise Changes

  • Failed RESTORE cleanup no longer causes the RESTORE job to perpetually loop if external storage fails or is removed. #21559
  • Non-transactional BACKUP and RESTORE statements are now disallowed inside transactions. #21488

SQL Language Changes

  • Reduced the size of system.rangelog entries to save disk space. #21410
  • Prevented adding both a cascading referential constraint action and a check constraint to a column. #21690
  • Added json_array_length function that returns the number of elements in the outermost JSON or JSONB array. #21611
  • Added referential_constraints table to the information_schema. The referential_constraints table contains all foreign key constraints in the current database. #21615
  • Replaced BOOL columns in the information_schema with STRING columns to conform to the SQL specification. #21612
  • Added support for inverted indexes for JSON. #20941
  • DROP SEQUENCE cannot drop a SEQUENCE that is currently in use. #21364
  • The IMPORT function now does not require the temp directory and no longer creates a RESTORE job. Additionally, the TRANSFORM_ONLY option for IMPORT has been renamed to TRANSFORM and now takes an argument specifying the target directory. #21490

Command-Line Changes

  • cockroach start --background now returns earlier for nodes awaiting the cockroach init command, facilitating use of automated scripts. #21682
  • Command-line utilities that print results with the pretty format now use consistent horizontal alignment for every row of the result. #18491

Admin UI Changes

  • The Command Queue debug page now displays errors correctly. #21529
  • The Problem Ranges debug page now displays all problem ranges for the cluster. #21522

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash caused by NULL placeholder in comparison expressions. #21705
  • The EXPLAIN (VERBOSE) output now correctly shows the columns and properties of each query node (instead of incorrectly showing the columns and properties of the root). #21527
  • Added a mechanism to recompute range stats automatically over time to reflect changes in the underlying logic. #21345

Performance Improvements

  • Multiple ranges can now split at the same time, improving our ability to handle hotspot workloads. #21673
  • Improved performance for queries that do not read any columns from the key component of the row. #21571
  • Improved performance of scans by reducing efforts for non-required columns. #21572
  • Improved efficiency of the key decoding operation. #21498
  • Sped up the performance of low-level delete operations. #21507
  • Prevented the jobs table from growing excessively large during jobs table updates. #21575


This release includes 110 merged PRs by 31 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community:

  • Constantine Peresypkin
  • 何羿宏

Special thanks to first-time contributors Andrew Kimball, Nathaniel Stewart, Constantine Peresypkin and Paul Bardea.

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