What's New in beta-20170330

Mar 30, 2017

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SQL Language Changes

  • DEFAULT NULL column modifiers no longer produce type errors. #14371
  • Consecutive write statements using the RETURNING NOTHING clause are now executed in parallel. #14188
  • DECIMAL support for NaN, Inifinity, and negative zero. #14302

Command-Line Interface Changes

  • The separate INFO, WARNING, and ERROR log files have been replaced with a single file. #14347

Admin UI Changes

  • The node list page now includes information about whether nodes are alive or dead. #14258
  • Changed the names of some metrics related to lease transfers. #14319

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an inconsistency that could occur with one-phase transactions using the SNAPSHOT isolation level. #14401
  • Prevented unexpected write intents on node liveness records, which could cause the cluster to become unavailable. #14346
  • Fixed two "span use after Finish()" errors. #14227
  • Fixed a rare panic in raft.step(). #14344

Performance Improvements

  • Reads with timestamps in the past no longer block writes. #14342
  • Improved node draining to prevent hanging DROP statements after a node restart. #14341
  • Added support for compressing inter-node traffic with snappy. This will be enabled in a future release. #14239

Doc Updates


This release includes 56 merged PRs by 18 authors.

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