What's New in beta-20160407

Apr 7, 2016

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Backwards-incompatible Changes

  • Any databases using the DECIMAL type will need to be deleted and created from scratch. Columns of this type were encoded incorrectly by beta-20160330. #5820
  • SELECT statements must now specify one or more columns or expressions. Previously, statements such as SELECT FROM t were allowed but the results would confuse many clients. #5859
  • It is now an error to insert a value that is too large into a column with a type of limited length such as VARCHAR(n). #5750


  • Added support for the "flush" message in the PostgreSQL network protocol, which improves compatibility with the node.js driver. #5740
  • Fixed a panic when handling certain queries sent by the PHP PDO library. #5783
  • Improved parsing of timestamps for compatibility with the Go lib/pq client library. #5877

New Features

  • Index hints: SELECT FROM tbl@idx or SELECT FROM tbl@{FORCE_INDEX=idx} instructs the query planner to use the given index. #5785 and #5806
  • The cockroach command-line client now accepts environment variables as default values for many command-line flags. See --help for details. #5430
  • Added SQL version() function. #5763
  • Added compiler and platform information to cockroach version output. #5766
  • Debugging tools show fractional seconds in timestamps. #5736
  • In secure mode, plain HTTP requests to the http-port used by the admin UI are now redirected to HTTPS. #5746
  • Links to debugging pages are available on the HTTP port at /debug/. #5795
  • The cockroach zone set command now echos the new configuration. #5829

Bug Fixes

  • Improved flow control for raft snapshots, fixing an issue that could lead to nodes running out of memory. #5721
  • Fixed a deadlock scenario in which two conflicting transactions would both be unable to make progress. #5710
  • Fixed a panic while executing certain DELETE statements. #5840

Internal Changes

  • Clock offsets are now measured continuously. #5512
  • Improved caching to avoid redundant range descriptor lookups. #5627
  • Reduced log spam when nodes are down. #5883


This release includes 77 merged PRs by 18 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community, especially first-time contributor Seif Lotfy.

  • Kenji Kaneda
  • Seif Lotfy
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