Serverless Performance Benchmarking

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This page describes CockroachDB Serverless performance benchmarking with a KV workload.


CockroachDB Serverless is a fully-managed, auto-scaling deployment of CockroachDB. This page describes what you can expect from the free CockroachDB Serverless baseline performance of 100 RU/s and the burst performance for the same cluster. For more information about how CockroachDB Serverless scales based on your workload, see Architecture.

What are RUs?

CockroachDB Serverless cluster resource usage is measured by two metrics: storage and Request Units, or RUs. RUs represent the compute and I/O resources used by a query. All database operations cost a certain amount of RUs depending on the resources used. For example, a "small read" might cost 2 RUs, and a "large read" such as a full table scan with indexes could cost a large number of RUs. You can see how many request units your cluster has used on the Cluster Overview page.

What is KV 95?

KV 95 is a simple benchmark that tests linear scaling by running a workload that is 95% point reads and 5% point writes. Reads and writes are distributed to keys spread uniformly across the cluster.

Baseline performance

Baseline performance was benchmarked for a free CockroachDB Serverless cluster running in an organization without billing information on file. This is the level of performance guaranteed for all clusters that have run out of burst capacity and are throttled.

Serverless performance

This chart shows the linear consumption of RUs by a CockroachDB Serverless cluster under a constant KV 95 workload. The total number of RUs consumed over 20 minutes is 119,536. The cluster is performing about 21 operations per second, and each operation (a point read or write) is consuming 4.86 RUs. We can also calculate that 119,536 RUs used over 1200 seconds gives us the guaranteed baseline performance of 100 RU/s. These results have been adjusted for a constant overhead of 5 RU/s that is unrelated to the workload.

Burst performance

When the previously benchmarked cluster was not throttled to 100 RU/s, it used 86,984,376 RUs over 10 minutes, performing 54,460 operations per second and using an average of 2.66 RUs per operation. This results in a burst performance rate of 144,974 RU/s.

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