Create a CockroachCloud Free (beta) Cluster

This page walks you through the process of creating a cluster using CockroachCloud Free (beta). Note that only CockroachCloud Console Administrators can create clusters. If you are a Developer and need to create a cluster, contact your CockroachCloud Administrator.


CockroachCloud Free is currently in beta. For information about its limitations, see CockroachCloud Free (beta) FAQs.

Before you begin

If you haven't already, sign up for a CockroachCloud account.

Step 1. Start the cluster creation process

  1. Log in to your CockroachCloud account.
  2. If there are multiple organizations in your account, select the correct organization in the top right corner.
  3. On the Overview page, click Create Cluster.

Step 2. Select Free Plan

  1. On the Create your cluster page, select the CockroachCloud Free.


    This cluster will be free forever.

  2. (Optional) Select a cloud provider (GCP or AWS) in the Additional configuration section.

  3. (Optional) Select a region in the Additional configuration section. For optimal performance, select the cloud provider region closest to the region in which you are running your application.

  4. Click Create your free cluster.

Your cluster will be created in approximately 20-30 seconds.

What's next

Usage examples

CockroachCloud Free (beta) can be used for proofs-of-concept, toy programs, or to use while completing Cockroach University.

For examples of applications that use CockroachCloud Free (beta), check out the following Hack the North projects:

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