CockroachDB: The most highly evolved database on the planet.

Scale Fast. Survive Anything. Thrive Everywhere.

Scale Fast.

Truly elastic architecture for effortless growth

CockroachDB makes scale so simple, you don't have to think about it. It automatically distributes data and workload demand. Break free from manual sharding and complex workarounds.

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Survive Anything.

Indestructible data for business critical apps

Downtime isn’t an option, and data loss destroys companies. CockroachDB is architected to handle unpredictability and survive machine, datacenter, and region failures.

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Thrive Everywhere.

Consistent data at local and global scale

CockroachDB delivers geo-partitioning so you can tie data to a location and ensure peak performance for local and global deployments. Row-level controls also help safeguard your business against ever-changing data privacy laws.

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Startup friendly. Enterprise ready.

Trusted by world’s most innovative leaders

Built for you

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Build fast
Built to last.

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Data made easy.
Delivery made seamless.

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DevOps / SRE

Eliminate data toil.
Operate at scale.

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