3 examples of how to save big with distributed SQL


Reduce application and ops overhead by 90% through automation

The total cost of data management is more than meets the eye. One Fortune 50 bank shared that three-fourths of their data management costs were related to labor associated with maintenance and operations. Distributed SQL reduces operations-related labor costs by 90% while still achieving an equal level of horizontal scale and performance compared to cloud PostgreSQL.


Cut revenue losses by eliminating 99.5% of unplanned downtime

Distributed SQL ensures business continuity through the dramatic reduction of unplanned downtime. For a global logistics company who switched to CockroachDB as their distributed SQL database, unplanned downtime and database-related outages became “vanishingly rare,” and lost revenue from unplanned maintenance was cut from millions of dollars down to "a rounding error."


Stay competitive by delivering new features 41% faster

Because distributed SQL is fundamentally easier to live with and radically less expensive to operate, every organization interviewed was able to refocus significant engineering resources on innovation — resulting in 41% faster roadmap delivery.

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