CockroachDB Live! - KubeCon EU 2020 Demo

When: Daily Aug. 18-20 at 7 pm CEST / 1 pm EST How: Fill out the form below and a daily Zoom link will be sent to you an hour before each demo.

Can't make it the day you signed up for? Wanna come back the next day for follow up questions? The Zoom link will be resent daily the hour before the demo, so come whenever.
CockroachDB delivers an ultra-resilient, distributed SQL database that guarantees serializable isolation for transactions and provides the unique ability to tie data to a location. It is delivery of a modern database built for microservices and cloud and delivers core capabilities around these four important challenges:
  • Consistency - Guarantee data is always correct and automate conflict resolution in a globally distributed environment, even at a massive scale.
  • Resiliency - Deliver always-on availability of the database for your services and sustain the loss of nodes or even complete datacenters with a Zero RTO.
  • Localization - Provides the ability to tie rows to a location so that you can deliver low latency experience for users and to meet data privacy regulations, such as GDPR.
  • Scale - Reduce the operational complexity associated with horizontally scaling your data as CRDB automates the balancing of data as you scale your database up or down.