CockroachDB Selected to Join Google Distributed Cloud

Last edited on April 9, 2024

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    Cockroach Labs, the leading provider of cloud-native distributed SQL database CockroachDB, today announced that CockroachDB has been selected to join the Google Distributed Cloud. This strategic collaboration with Google Cloud is yet another milestone in Cockroach Labs' mission to empower enterprises with scalable, resilient, and cloud-native data management solutions.

    Google Distributed Cloud is air-gapped and does not require Google Cloud connectivity or the public internet to manage the infrastructure, services, APIs, or tooling. Google Distributed Cloud enables public sector institutions and highly-regulated enterprises in industries like financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing the flexibility to support regional data residency, security, or isolation regulations by providing a consistent set of platform services in multiple venues and operational models.

    Google Distributed Cloud is meticulously crafted to help users adhere to stringent regulatory standards while ensuring unparalleled durability and availability. This aligns seamlessly with CockroachDB’s core mission of empowering users with comprehensive control over the management and security of their self-managed environments, thereby fostering trust and confidence in their data infrastructure. This integration brings together the best of both worlds, combining CockroachDB’s distributed SQL capabilities and unmatched scalability and resilience with Google Cloud’s global reach.

    “Our collaboration to bring CockroachDB onto Google Distributed Cloud underscores our commitment to relentlessly invest towards the security and compliance of our most regulated customers and meet them where they are in their cloud journey,” said Allen Terleto, Head of Global Partners and Ecosystem at Cockroach Labs. “Combining Google Distributed Cloud’s flexible deployment options with CockroachDB’s unparalleled resilience and scalability empowers our customers to provide an always-on user experience for their mission-critical workloads with optimized data locality and performance.”

    CockroachDB on Google Distributed Cloud offers a range of benefits for enterprises, including:

    • Seamless Deployment: With CockroachDB available on Google Distributed Cloud, highly-regulated enterprises in financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing can deploy and manage distributed SQL databases with ease, leveraging Google Cloud’s familiar interface and powerful management tools.

    • Global Scalability + Data Sovereignty: CockroachDB lets users pin data to specific locations (servers, availability zones, or cloud regions) to optimize latency, comply with regional regulations, and maintain high availability.

    • High Availability and Reliability: CockroachDB’s built-in resilience features, combined with Google Distributed Cloud, ensures always-on experiences for mission critical applications even in the face of hardware failures or network outages.

    Google Distributed Cloud is built to help customers meet compliance and regulatory requirements, which aligns with CockroachDB’s commitment to meeting users where they are in their cloud journey. CockroachDB on Google Distributed Cloud is the perfect fit for teams that need absolute self-managed control over data governance and compliance, while still allowing for scalability.

    CockroachDB on Google Distributed Cloud will be available in 2024. To learn more about our partnership with Google Cloud, visit

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