For the cloud. From the ground up.

  • Provide automated, elastic scale for your apps and services
  • Protect your data from outages with distributed cloud resilience
  • Deliver low-latency experiences to customers everywhere

Relational data, built for the way you build

  • Support referential integrity and use standard SQL
  • Ensure ACID-compliant transactions at any scale
  • Leverage relational data while serving a global user base

Hardened for business-critical workloads

  • A sustainable foundation for data-driven innovation
  • Proven in Fortune 500 enterprise-scale deployments
  • World-class customer support, with you at every step

By developers, for developers

Tools and support to empower today’s engineering teams

Proven in enterprise environments

Industry leaders trust CockroachDB with their most critical workloads

Deploy CockroachDB your way

Serverless, fully managed, or self-hosted. Choose what’s right for you.

A better SQL database awaits

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