The multi-region Renaissance is here

SIGMOD: Empowering the next generation of multi-region applications with CockroachDB

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The multi-region Renaissance is here

Today’s customers can be (and often are) everywhere. This reality presents enormous market opportunities for enterprises — along with equally enormous operational challenges for the traditional databases that support many well-established mission-critical applications.

This SIGMOD paper describes, in technical detail, how CockroachDB makes it easy to configure a database deployed across multiple regions so that it meets the consistency, performance, and availability goals of modern applications.

Download now and learn how all layers of the database, from the SQL Optimizer to Transactions and Replication, were enhanced to support multi-region workloads. Additional topics covered include:

An introduction to CockroachDB’s declarative SQL syntax for multi-region clusters

Enabling local, strongly consistent reads from any database replica

How throughput scales linearly with the number of regions

How the new Transaction Management protocol reduces tail latency by over 10x

About CockroachDB

CockroachDB is the cloud native, distributed SQL database architected for high availability, effortless scale, and control over data placement. Global-scale enterprises trust ultra-resilient, multi-region CockroachDB as their cloud-agnostic platform of choice to radically simplify their architecture, making it easy to design, deploy, and operate mission-critical distributed applications — wherever and however they need.