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KubeCon North America | CockroachDB

CockroachDB is one of the most highly evolved cloud-native, distributed SQL databases on the planet. Helping companies of all sizes—and the apps they develop— to scale fast, survive disaster, and thrive everywhere.

Book a demo to see CockroachDB in action at KubeCon North American 2022 and win a free shirt.


Join CockroachDB in-person and online!

In-person at booth P26

Join us at the CockroachDB booth to learn how quick and easy it is to sign up for CockroachDB and get started. We will also be donating $3 to a charity of your choice for each badge scan we receive.


Can’t join us in person? We can’t wait to meet you at our online booth. We will be live at various times throughout the conference to connect, give out swag, and give insights into our virtually only raffles.