Getting Started With Serverless Architectures

Getting Started With Serverless Architectures

“Serverless is an oxymoron. Servers are, obviously, still present in serverless computing. In this guide we’ll define when it makes sense to build a serverless application, and then we’ll walk you through the steps for building out a serverless back end and front end for a serverless sample app.

Sounds good right?”

In this guide you will learn:

When to build with a serverless database

How to build a serverless sample application

Tech Stack used in the tutorial: Java, Quarkus, React, CockroachDB, Panache, Heroku

About The Report

For a while ‘serverless’ was being discussed as the next big thing. Well, it’s here. This guide is intended to offer an opportunity to understand serverless fundamentals and the tools to actually build a serverless application.

About The Author

Rain Leander is a systematic, slightly psychic, interdisciplinary community liaison with a bachelor’s in dance and a master’s in IT. Rain is a developer advocate at CockroachDB, an author of many application development tutorial guides, and an active technical contributor with Tinkerbell, OpenStack, RDO, TripleO, Fedora, and DjangoGirls.