Key Concepts: Serverless Database Architecture

Learn what a serverless database is, how it works, and when you should use it.

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Architecture of a Serverless Database | Cockroach Labs
When new technologies arise they are first adopted for their technical value. If that proves out, then they get adopted more broadly for their business value. This is that “crossing the chasm” moment when a technology jumps to widespread adoption.

Serverless architecture is being adopted right now for its technical value. Soon it will become mainstream. This guide prepares you to understand serverless architecture so you can cross the chasm with it.

In this guide you will learn:

What serverless means, and what a serverless database is.

What capabilities a serverless database unlocks.

What the (elegant) architecture of a serverless database looks like

When to use a serverless database, and when not to!

About the Ebook

This Serverless Architecture Guide from Cockroach Labs will teach developers what a serverless database is, how it works, and when they should use it.