Build what you dream.
Never worry about your database.

Start small with a simple, reliable SQL API in the cloud. Scale from single customer to global audience, without ever thinking about your database.

Free up to 5GB and 1vCPU


CockroachDB Dedicated is a serverless, free-to-start deployment of CockroachDB. It's delivered as an ops-free SQL API in the cloud, giving your apps elastic scale, and your users low latency access to uninterrupted data.

Develop without the hassle

Build your next breakthrough application without worrying about database connections and complex query constructions

  • Simple, familiar SQL

    Use familiar SQL without having to learn a new language

  • Use existing tools and ORMs

    Use any of your ORMs and code without change to your model

  • Always correct data

    Guarantee ACID transactions


Deploy without a DBA

Ease database operations. Build for today and let your database scale itself in the future.

  • Automated scale up and down

    Scale up and scale down without sharding or manual operations

  • Online schema changes

    Avoid downtime—never take down your database to update schemas

  • Secure out of the box

    Rest easy with enterprise back-end and transit security, and SOC 2 certification


Deliver without the ops

Guarentee access to data without interruption, without delay, without worry.

  • Highly available service

    Uptime is guaranteed. Survive endpoint failover, not DB failover

  • Low latency data access

    Guarantee sub 20ms access no matter where requests come from

  • Global coverage

    Endpoints all over the planet (coming soon)


No credit card. No commitment.


Connect to our secure
connection string


Instantly start reading
and writing data


Never think about ops
or capacity again

Successes with CockroachDB Dedicated

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case study
case study
Dan Pop

I'm a @CockroachDB fanboy. Not gonna even hide it.

Dan Pop


Karl Seguin

The level of support @CockroachDB provides, for free, in their slack channel, is...something else.

Karl Seguin



If you've followed the project for a while, you know that we've been working hard to continually improve scalability. Most recently, we migrated to @CockroachDB for our Satellite database. Read all about the imgration and its benefits:




ill say it til im blue in the face. @CockroachDB is a MUST HAVE for developers and operators alike. Congrats on this releae from the @PopcastPop



Christopher Tretina

CockroachDB allows you to "Have your cake and eat it too" in terms of supporting strong consistency while also providing a highly distributed, highly available multi-active SQL solution.

Christopher Tretina


Mitch Pirtle

Mad props to the @CockroachDB peeps for v21.1, this release is PACKED with great stuff (yay for kibana support!)

Mitch Pirtle


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