cockroach debug encryption-active-key

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The cockroach debug encryption-active-key command displays the encryption algorithm and store key for an encrypted store.


$ cockroach debug encryption-active-key [path specified by the store flag]


While the cockroach debug command has a few subcommands, users are expected to use only the zip, encryption-active-key, merge-logs, list-files, tsdump, and ballast subcommands.

We recommend using the encryption-decrypt and job-trace subcommands only when directed by the Cockroach Labs support team.

The other debug subcommands are useful only to Cockroach Labs. Output of debug commands may contain sensitive or secret information.


Start a node with Enterprise Encryption At Rest enabled:

$ cockroach start --store=cockroach-data --enterprise-encryption=path=cockroach-data,key=aes-128.key,old-key=plain --insecure --certs-dir=certs

View the encryption algorithm and store key:

$ cockroach debug encryption-active-key cockroach-data

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