cockroach debug encryption-active-key

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The cockroach debug encryption-active-key command displays the encryption algorithm and store key for an encrypted store.


$ cockroach debug encryption-active-key [path specified by the store flag]


While the cockroach debug command has a few subcommands, users are expected to use only the zip, encryption-active-key, merge-logs, list-files, tsdump, and ballast subcommands.

We recommend using the job-trace subcommand only when directed by the Cockroach Labs support team.

The other debug subcommands are useful only to CockroachDB's developers and contributors.


Start a node with Enterprise Encryption At Rest enabled:

$ cockroach start --store=cockroach-data --enterprise-encryption=path=cockroach-data,key=aes-128.key,old-key=plain --insecure --certs-dir=certs

View the encryption algorithm and store key:

$ cockroach debug encryption-active-key cockroach-data

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