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CockroachDB v20.1 is no longer supported as of November 12, 2021. For more details, refer to the Release Support Policy.

This page has instructions for updating rows of data (using the UPDATE statement) in CockroachDB from various programming languages.

Before you begin

Make sure you have already:


Your application should use a retry loop to handle transaction errors that can occur under contention.

Update a row

UPDATE accounts SET balance = 900 WHERE id = 1;

For more information about how to use the built-in SQL client, see the cockroach sql reference docs.

// tx is a *sql.Tx from "database/sql"

transferAmount := 100
fromID := 1

if _, err := tx.Exec("UPDATE accounts SET balance = balance - $1 WHERE id = $2", transferAmount, fromID); err != nil {
    return err

For complete examples, see:

// ds is an org.postgresql.ds.PGSimpleDataSource

int transferAmount = 100;
int fromID = 1;

try (Connection connection = ds.getConnection()) {
    connection.createStatement().executeUpdate("UPDATE accounts SET balance = balance - "
                                               + transferAmount + " where id = " + fromID);

} catch (SQLException e) {
    System.out.printf("sql state = [%s]\ncause = [%s]\nmessage = [%s]\n",
                      e.getSQLState(), e.getCause(), e.getMessage());

For complete examples, see:

# conn is a psycopg2 connection

transferAmount = 100
fromID = 1

with conn.cursor() as cur:
    cur.execute("UPDATE accounts SET balance = balance - %s WHERE id = %s",
                (transferAmount, fromID));

For complete examples, see:

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