Limiting Query Results

CockroachDB v20.1 is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

The LIMIT and OFFSET clauses restrict the operation of:

OFFSET instructs the operation to skip a specified number of rows. It is often used in conjunction with LIMIT to "paginate" through retrieved rows.


Using LIMIT/OFFSET to implement pagination can be very slow for large tables. We recommend using keyset pagination instead.



LIMIT { <limit_value> | ALL }

For PostgreSQL compatibility, CockroachDB also supports FETCH FIRST limit_value ROWS ONLY and FETCH NEXT limit_value ROWS ONLY as aliases for LIMIT. If limit_value is omitted, then one row is fetched.


OFFSET <offset_value> [ ROW | ROWS ]


For example uses with SELECT, see Limiting Row Count and Pagination.

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