Back Up Data

As of April 12, 2019, CockroachDB v1.1 is no longer supported. For more details, refer to the Release Support Policy.

CockroachDB offers the following methods to back up your cluster's data:

  • cockroach dump, which is a CLI command to dump/export your database's schema and table data.
  • BACKUP (enterprise license only), which is a SQL statement that backs up your cluster to cloud or network file storage.


We recommend creating daily backups of your data as an operational best practice.

However, because CockroachDB is designed with high fault tolerance, backups are primarily needed for disaster recovery (i.e., if your cluster loses a majority of its nodes). Isolated issues (such as small-scale node outages) do not require any intervention.


For information about restoring your backed up data, see Restoring Data.

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