What's New in v2.0-beta.20180319

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

March 19, 2018

In this release, we’ve improved CockroachDB’s ability to run in orchestrated environments and closed several Postgres capability gaps.

  • Better /health behavior to support orchestrated deployments. #23551

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SQL Language Changes

  • NO CYCLE and CACHE 1 are now supported options during sequence creation. #23518
  • ISNULL and NOTNULL are now accepted as alternatives to IS NULL and IS NOT NULL. #23518

Command-Line Changes

Admin UI Changes

  • Implemented a spinner on the Logs page instead of saying "No Data" while loading. #23556
  • Now using monospace font and rendering new lines on the Logs page. Also, packed lines together more tightly. #23556
  • Moved the Clock Offset graph from the Distributed dashboard to the Runtime dashboard. Now displaying each node's clock offset independently rather than aggregating them together. #23627
  • When reporting anonymous usage details, locality tier names are now redacted. #23588
  • Clicking on the entire node component is now allowed in the Node Map, not just the visible elements. #23536
  • The Node Map now shows how long a node has been dead. #23404
  • Correct liveness status text now displays on nodes in the Node Map. #23404

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which the usable capacity of nodes was not added up correctly in the Admin UI. #23695
  • An ARRAY can now be used with the PostgreSQL binary format. #23467
  • Fixed a panic when a query would incorrectly attempt to use an aggregation or window function in ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE. #23658
  • CREATE TABLE AS can now be used with scalar subqueries. #23470
  • Connection attempts to former members of the cluster and the associated spurious log messages are now prevented. #23605
  • Fixed a panic when executing INSERT INTO ... SELECT queries where the number of columns targeted for insertion does not match the number of columns returned by the SELECT. #23642
  • Reduced the risk that a node in the process of crashing could serve inconsistent data. #23616
  • Fixed a correctness bug where some ORDER BY queries would not return the correct results under concurrent transactional load. #23602
  • RETURNING NOTHING now properly detects parallel statement execution opportunities against statements that contain data-modifying statements in subqueries. #23524
  • The /health HTTP endpoint is now accessible before a node has successfully become part of an initialized cluster, meaning that it now accurately reflects the health of the process rather than the ability of the process to serve queries. This has been the intention all along, but it didn't work until the node had joined a cluster or had cockroach init run on it. #23551
  • Fixed a panic that could occur with certain types of casts. #23535
  • Prevented a hang while crashing when stderr is blocked. #23484
  • Fixed panics related to distributed execution of queries with REGCLASS casts. #23482
  • Fixed a panic with computed columns. #23435
  • Added prevention against potential consistency issues when a node is stopped and restarted in rapid succession. #23339
  • Decommissioning a node that has already been terminated now works in all cases. Success previously depended on whether the gateway node "remembered" the absent decommissioned node. #23378

Build Changes

  • Go 1.10 is now the minimum required version necessary to build CockroachDB. #23494

Doc Updates


This release includes 48 merged PRs by 21 authors.

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