So Much Demo - A Night of CockroachDB 2.0, Tierion, & Mesosphere!
Inside CockroachDB 2.0 & a Fireside Chat with Kindred
A calendar icon. April 11, 2018
A GPS style location icon. Cockroach Labs HQ
101 Fifth Avenue, Floor 4
Event details

Demos and fireside chats for what ails you.

6pm – Doors & Food 6:20pm – [Live Demo] Inside CockroachDB 2.0 7pm – [Fireside Chat] Spencer Kimball (Cockroach Labs CEO) speaks to longtime CockroachDB customer Kai Niemi (Architect at Kindred Group)

[Live Demo] Inside CockroachDB 2.0 Nate Stewart, Head of Product at Cockroach Labs Nate will demo CockroachDB 2.0, a database built to work as well for startups as it does for multi-national companies that have customers around the world. He will demo new features and major performance improvements.

[Fireside Chat] Spencer Kimball with Kai Niemi Architect at Kindred Group Spencer and Kai will get chummy about the 2+ years that Kindred’s engineering team has been working with CockroachDB (pre-beta!). They will give an overview of how Kindred, an international online gaming business, is using CockroachDB and how they are using it to build their next-generation online gaming platform.

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