Netflix, Riskified Headline CockroachDB’s RoachFest 2024

Last edited on April 24, 2024

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    RoachFest is on the move – and coming to you in 2024.

    Enterprises are seeking the latest insights to simplify data architectures and assure always-on experiences. They make exciting new discoveries at RoachFest, the event series produced by CockroachDB, the leader in distributed SQL.

    RoachFest 2024 makes it easier than ever to elevate your database: This year’s conference has gone global, with opportunities to attend at three locations worldwide:


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    Agendas for Menlo Park, London Take ShapeCopy Icon

    Featuring speakers from Netflix, Riskified, Route, Superbet and more, you’ll learn live and in-person from international data innovators. See how they’ve harnessed the simplicity and resiliency of distributed SQL to provide their customers with highly reliable app experiences.

    RoachFest has emerged as the gathering for application owners, data architects, database administrators, engineers, and operators. Whether you’re already running your data-intensive workloads on CockroachDB, or are just hungry for fresh developments in enterprise-grade distributed databases, RoachFest will enlighten you. Sharpen your skills with expert speaker tracks, breakout sessions, networking – and of course, a cocktail hour to cap it off!

    This year’s agenda at all three locations will feature inspirational engineering leaders, sharing their invaluable experiences building and managing distributed applications. They’ll reveal their tips, tricks, and success stories for improved cost savings, regulatory compliance, performance at scale, operational efficiency, deploying distributed applications in production, and much more.

    The following RoachFest 2024 speakers for Menlo Park and London are confirmed, with more to come:

    RoachFest Menlo Park:Copy Icon

    • Shengwei Wang, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

    • Bryan Call, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Route

    • Spencer Kimball, CEO & Co-Founder at Cockroach Labs

    • Chris Casano, Director of Customer Engineering Americas at Cockroach Labs

    • Lakshmi Kannan, Director of Product Management at Cockroach Labs

    • Michael Wang, Director of Product Management at Cockroach Labs

    RoachFest London:Copy Icon

    • Yoav Shemesh, Data Platform Engineering Team Lead at Riskified

    • Harel Safra, Data Platform Engineering Team Lead at Riskified

    • Ivan Hrastinski, Engineering Manager at Superbet

    • Sergej Jakovljev, Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Superbet

    • Peter Mattis, Co-Founder & CTO at Cockroach Labs

    • Lakshmi Kannan, Director of Product Management at Cockroach Labs

    • Rob Reid, Technical Evangelist at Cockroach Labs

    • Andy Woods, Director of Product Management at Cockroach Labs

    Visit here to learn more and save your spot at RoachFest 2024.

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