CockroachDB Achieves AWS Financial Services Competency Status

Last edited on July 10, 2024

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    The architectural benefits of cloud scalability and business agility are too crucial for organizations to ignore as they race to gain an advantage. Cockroach Labs is committed to leading this transformation: We are pleased to announce that we have achieved the AWS Financial Services Competency status, demonstrating CockroachDB’s success in delivering secure, scalable, and reliable database services for financial institutions.

    With this competency, Cockroach Labs strengthens our position as a trusted partner for financial organizations seeking modern and efficient solutions for secure data management. CockroachDB’s distributed architecture enables financial institutions to harness its unparalleled resilience and scalability, complemented by advanced security features and automated operations. These capabilities empower financial institutions to accelerate innovation, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth – all while helping comply with regulatory standards. 

    To earn the AWS Financial Services Competency, companies need to offer cloud solutions that drive innovation for banks, insurance providers, capital markets, and payment processors of all sizes. Cockroach Labs is revolutionizing the financial services industry by providing a robust and scalable distributed SQL database, ensuring efficient and seamless data management and processing to meet the sector's rigorous demands. CockroachDB's resilient, scalable architecture optimizes operations, guarantees consistent transactions with serializable isolation, and helps meet data localization requirements with row-level partitioning. It meets high availability expectations with elastic scaling, supports multi-cloud or hybrid environments, enhances agility, and enables data-driven decision-making.

    Additionally, CockroachDB is certified for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2 Type II, and FIPS 140-2, meeting many  stringent security and privacy demands of the financial industry. CockroachDB also helps enterprises meet data regulatory and sovereignty requirements by leveraging its advanced data locality features, which allow precise control over where data is stored and processed, helping meet requirements for data localization and minimizing latency for globally distributed financial applications.

    “Cockroach Labs’ recognition as an AWS Financial Services Competency Partner is a reflection of our commitment to support customers across the financial sector seeking to overcome significant challenges with operational resiliency, data sovereignty, and modernization,” said Allen Terleto, VP, Global Partners and Ecosystem. “The continued growth and reach of our collaboration with AWS empowers mutual customers with Cockroach Labs’ best-in-class modern cloud-native distributed database on AWS to ensure business continuity, reduce regulatory risks, and future-proof their data architecture for the next decade.”

    In early 2019, a team of ex-Google, Netflix, and PayPal employees launched Fi, a neobank in India aimed at millennials, offering a digital-first banking experience with features like zero-balance savings accounts and automated savings tools, secured with traditional banking standards. To ensure scalability and navigability with India's data laws, Fi chose CockroachDB, deployed across AWS's three Availability Zones. Integrated with Amazon RDS and other AWS services, CockroachDB supports Fi's growth to over 1 million users, facilitating innovation while navigating regulatory challenges for future expansion. This partnership exemplifies Cockroach Labs' commitment to enhancing database management and IT infrastructure in the financial services sector, reinforcing our AWS Financial Services Competency and dedication to delivering secure, scalable, and reliable database solutions for institutions worldwide.

    Cockroach Labs was also awarded the Data & Analytics competency in 2023 and is integrated with a breadth of AWS services including AWS IAM, AWS Private Link, AWS KMS, AWS S3, and Amazon Redshift. 

    You can learn more about how CockroachDB and AWS work together here, or get started today on AWS Marketplace.  

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    Cockroach Labs has achieved the AWS Financial Services Competency status.