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Learn how Netflix, Route, Iterable, and other industry leaders harness the simplicity and resilience of CockroachDB to deliver always-on customer experiences.

June 13, 2024

CANOPY Menlo Park 1300 El Camino Real Suite 100, Menlo Park, CA 94025

RoachFest: A global event for application architects and engineering leaders

RoachFest 2024 gathers thought leaders from across industries to share stories and strategies for architecting mission-critical applications that deliver always-on customer experiences. And this summer, for the first time ever, we’re bringing RoachFest to you — with three roadshow stops in the Bay Area, London, and NYC.


Hear stories of always-on success from our customers

CockroachDB customers know high availability and high customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand. Learn how these industry leaders scale and achieve always-on to stay a step ahead.


Enjoy product deep dives from experts

Learn from product experts and R&D teams to share the latest information on new releases and announcements, and practical tips on how to enhance operational simplicity and run resilient workloads at scale from CockroachDB deployments.


Connect with your peers

Enjoy ample opportunities to connect with peers, speakers, and CockroachDB team members throughout the day and at the evening reception.


Who’s taking the stage

Get a front-row seat to data-intensive insights you won’t find anywhere else.


Panels, deep dives, announcements, and so much more

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM


Registration and Networking Breakfast

Location: Cafe and Patio

10:30 AM - 10:35 AM


Opening Remarks

Chris Casano
Director, Customer Engineering Americas, Cockroach Labs

Location: Main stage

10:35 AM - 10:50 AM


Redefining Resilience in Today's Modern World

Mainstream adoption of distributed SQL is enabling global scale and reach with our data leaders who need to build highly resilient applications. In this keynote from the RoachFest 2024 customer conference, Spencer Kimball will discuss what a resiliency architecture means, and how operational big data generated from new applications, regulatory requirements and AI requires a modern resiliency platform to address end-user expectations that adapt quickly to the status quo with zero downtime.

Spencer Kimball
Co-Founder & CEO, Cockroach Labs
Location: Main Stage

10:50 AM - 11:20 AM


Dramatically Simplify Database Operations Across the Application Lifecycle with CockroachDB Cloud

Standing up Enterprise database infrastructure requires extensive sizing, deployment and tuning.of a cluster while managing databases for many different workloads can be costly. In addition, managing multiple roles and permissions for teams is difficult. This session will cover how organizations can enable an Enterprise-ready, fully-managed experience for their teams that dramatically simplifies operations across the entire application cycle while enhancing security and compliance using CockroachDB Cloud. New release announcements will also be covered.

Lakshmi Kannan
Director, Product Management, Cockroach Labs
Location: Main Stage

11:20 AM - 11:50 AM


How Iterable enables personalized experiences for billions of users

Iterable enables brands to deliver individualized and dynamic cross-channel communications at scale -- to billions of people each month and hundreds of millions of people every day. This requires a database for user metadata that is not only scalable but consistent and performant (<10ms latency guaranteed). In this fireside chat, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Jack Chi will discuss why Iterable switched to CockroachDB in 2021 and their learnings from running their mission-critical workloads on it in production for the past 3 years.

Jack Chi
Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Iterable

Chris Casano
Director, Customer Engineering Americas, Cockroach Labs

Location: Main Stage

11:50 AM - 1:20 PM


Networking Lunch

Location: Cafe and Patio

1:20 PM - 1:50 PM


How Route enables always-on data for over 1 billion orders and counting with CockroachDB

Route is the leading post-purchase customer experience solution, protecting brands and their customers with shipping insurance, package tracking, fast issue resolution, carbon neutral shipping, and remarketing. Almost since Route’s inception, the company has leveraged CockroachDB to manage its mission-critical order and shipment data. In this talk, Bryan Call, Route’s Senior Principal Engineer, will discuss the company’s long journey with CockroachDB and share learnings on running and scaling self hosted CockroachDB on AWS to meet peak demand while avoiding lost revenue from downtime.

Bryan Call
Senior Principal Software Engineer, Route
Location: Main Stage

1:50 PM - 2:20 PM


Fireside Chat: How City Storage Systems designed its Data Infrastructure to minimize toil

City Storage Systems is a startup with a huge mission and an aggressively boring name. We build disruptive restaurant infrastructure for better food – software to run growing food businesses and kitchens to produce quality food at dramatically lower cost. Our name hasn’t stopped us from building a world-class tech team and great products. Our most well-known product brands are Otter, CloudKitchens, and Lab37.

In this fireside chat, Alex Filipchik will provide an in-depth look at City Storage Systems' four-year experience running CockroachDB as the company’s main production database for all Tier 0 workloads. Alex will share the lessons learned running CockroachDB on K8s (including building a home-grown K8s operator), completing a successful cloud migration, and achieving multi-region and multi-cloud compatibility.

Alex Filipchik
Head of Infrastructure, City Storage Systems

Chris Casano
Director, Customer Engineering Americas, Cockroach Labs

Location: Main stage

2:20 PM - 2:50 PM



Location: Cafe and Patio

2:50 PM - 3:20 PM


How Devsisters launches blockbuster games in new countries with ease

Devsisters is the South Korea-based video game development company behind the popular CookieRun franchise, which has over 200 million players across the globe. To support blockbuster games and ensure an ideal experience for millions of daily active users, database scalability, resilience, performance, and consistency is essential -- which is why Devsisters migrated to CockroachDB in 2019. More recently the company has accelerated its expansion into new geographies, including China where it runs on Tencent Cloud. In this talk, Devsisters’ ChangWon Lee will share how CockroachDB provides the agility to scale quickly and seamlessly execute major launches on new cloud providers and in new geographies.

Changwon Lee
Lead DevOps Engineer, Devsisters
Location: Main Stage

3:20 PM - 3:50 PM


Streamline Application Development and Improve Resiliency of Your Existing Infrastructure

Enhancing developer productivity from existing infrastructure requires streamlined applications and data migrations, regardless of the database of origin. In addition, proper defense-at-depth approaches need to be implemented across the database lifecycle. This session will cover how to streamline application development while choosing a resiliency strategy that is best suited for your business continuity goals using CockroachDB. New release announcements will also be covered.

Michael Wang
Director, Product Management, Cockroach Labs

Location: Main Stage

3:50 PM - 4:20 PM


How Netflix enables CockroachDB-as-a-service to improve customer satisfaction across multi-region environments

Over the past 4+ years, the Netflix team has built a mature, self-service CockroachDB-as-a-Service offering used by hundreds of developers. From his vantage point managing CockroachDB, Netflix Senior Software Engineer Shengwei Wang sees a wide variety of use cases and developer needs, including multi-region configurations. In this talk, Shengwei will focus on the multiregion configurations currently deployed at Netflix and how he coaches internal customers to define their multiregion requirements (e.g., survivability, low latency) and identify the appropriate configuration to meet those requirements.

Shengwei Wang
Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Ram Srivatsa Kannan
Software Engineer, Netflix

Location: Main Stage

4:20 PM - 4:35 PM


Closing Remarks

Chris Casano
Director, Customer Engineering Americas, Cockroach Labs

Location: Main Stage

4:35 PM - 6:00 PM


Evening Reception

Location: Cafe and Patio


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