5 career tips from women crushing it in B2B tech sales

Last edited on March 8, 2023

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    The enterprise sales team at Cockroach Labs is filled with women who are crushing their goals. Here is a quick look into a few of their career growth stories, the challenges they faced along the way, and their advice for other women looking to join the field.

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    Account Executives (from left to right) Charlotte Mastantuono, Mikael Austin, and Carolyn Parrish.

    1. It’s not enough to be seen. Make sure you are heard.Copy Icon

    Mikael Austin, an Account Executive, highlighted how women are often overlooked as subject matter experts in meetings: “if people don’t look at you, it can make you question yourself… they’ll ask questions to the man next to me even if he doesn’t have the answer.” She added, “At Cockroach, I actually feel very different… they listen to me.”

    2. Your experience in other fields can make you a better seller – but find a mentorCopy Icon

    Charlotte studied Events and Business Management, but was inspired to enter the world of sales seeing her husband perform his work as an Account Executive. “I started as [a Sales Development Representative] back in the day, booking meetings,” she shared. “It’s important to have a mentor because there are a lot of best practices to be learned.”

    If you’re just kicking off your career in sales, be sure to check out this video in which Charlotte shares her top tips on breaking into the industry.

    3. Have a family AND crush your sales numbersCopy Icon

    Twenty years ago, women starting or growing their families during their careers felt frowned upon. But that’s not the reality at Cockroach Labs. Charlotte joined us with a 17-month-old and noted that her decision to join us was made easier by learning about our culture of support and the many parents who are Roachers.

    “I felt like I was at a company that supported my personal goals. I recently announced that I’m having my second daughter and I want to inspire other women… you can have another baby, take that time out, and be closing those million dollar deals” when you get back.

    4. Be selective. Ask probing questions when you’re interviewing at a new companyCopy Icon

    Some of the advice panelists shared here included: make sure you meet the person who would be your manager, ask questions about the promotion plan and career path for your role, and, if you’re seeking mentorship, be sure to inquire about whether the team you might join is ready to help new people grow.

    5. Pull up a chair for other womenCopy Icon

    As you grow in your career, you can lift other women up while rising. “People here want to make you successful, we have an overabundance of that here.”

    There’s room for everyone on our sales team and we’re growing fast. If you want to join the team hard at work to close our next big customer, visit our careers page to learn more.

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