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RoachFest 2024 OG

RoachFest 2024 Announces Full Agenda for Menlo Park & London Events

Due to feedback and popular demand from attendees for a larger conference, RoachFest 2024 is tripling down. We’ve expanded to three cities across two continents, and the agendas for Menlo Park and London have been unveiled: Speakers from Netflix, Riskified, Route, Superbet and more will headline Cockroach Labs’ popular database user conference series, sharing their tips, tricks, and success stories for providing always-on customer experiences.

David Weiss

May 21, 2024



For better performance, your database should work like a CDN

Dealing with distributed database performance issues? Let’s talk about CDNs. Even though they’re at different levels of your tech stack, distributed databases and content delivery networks often share a similar goal: improving the availability and speed between your service and your user.

Sean Loiselle

Augt 4, 2023



Top 5 questions to ask when migrating databases

Migrating to a new database is an exciting and daunting challenge. There is tremendous upside for applications and operations at the end of the migration process, but all too often the migration takes longer than expected or is left in a partially complete state. Many technical challenges are well solved but stakeholders have different goals that complicate completing the migration successfully and on time. You can avoid common pitfalls and get your new database completely serving production data on a reliable timeline by asking and answering the following five questions:

Dustin Cote

Augt 3, 2023



What is a data pipeline, and how do you build one?

A data pipeline is a piece of software that ingests data from one or more sources, and moves that data to one or more destinations. Often, the data is transformed as part of this process to ensure that it meets the requirements of the system or systems it is being sent to.


Charlie Custer

Augt 2, 2023



Technical takeaways from the Taylor Swift/Ticketmaster meltdown

Ticketmaster was recently in the news after a major system meltdown when tickets for Taylor Swift’s latest concert tour went on sale. Response from Taylor Swift’s listenership — a population of such size and economic influence it probably qualifies for its own spot in the United Nations — crashed the ticket sales platform under the sheer weight of demand. Thousands of furious fans vented their frustration on social media as they waited for hours in a virtual buying queue, only to be kicked out. Others finally got in, only to watch tickets disappear from their carts before they could check out.

 Michelle Gienow

Michelle Gienow

July 31, 2023



How to survive a hackathon as a sponsor

Surviving a hackathon as a sponsor without becoming a complete zombie is no joke. To start, you’ll have plenty of practical, technical concerns that have to be sorted (How do you get people to try your product? Will the hackers be familiar with your application’s language?). But once you’ve got the technical issues taken care of, you’ll likely have nearly as many questions about how to keep your team as sane and functional as possible––despite running on limited sleep, consuming excessive caffeine, and likely being completely out of their comfort zones.

jessica headshot

Jessica Edwards

July 31, 2023





How to solve the `abandoned cart problem` using row-level TTL

We’ve all done it. Imagine you’re browsing around the AllSaints online shop, dreaming about refreshing your fall wardrobe. You find a couple items and add them to your cart. You continue browsing but then, for some reason, you don’t check out. Instead, you close the browser tab and move on. In the e-commerce world, this is what’s known as shopping cart abandonment.


Aydrian Howard

July 26, 2023

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CockroachDB named a Customers' Choice in 2023 Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customer report

Cockroach Labs has been named a Customers’ Choice vendor in the 2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ ‘Voice of the Customer’: Cloud Database Management Systems report. We are one of just two vendors –out of 60 total eligible vendors– in the Cloud Database Management Systems category to receive the distinction. According to the report, 98% of customers are willing to recommend Cockroach Labs, and we achieved an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.0* based on 53 ratings as of March 2023 from customers with more than $50 million in revenue.

jessica headshot

Jessica Edwards

July 25, 2023

sqlsmith header img 2


Relational database entities vs. domain-driven design entities

Relational database developers have long used the term “Entity” when designing database schemas. Meanwhile, on the software architecture side, the term “Entity” is a key component of domain-driven design. So what is the difference? Or is there a difference? Do they refer to the same thing?

Wade Waldron

July 21, 2023

Webinar image for LP desktop 2022 Cloud Report plus


Multicloud vs. hybrid cloud vs. intercloud and more – what’s the difference and which is best?

By all accounts, multicloud is the future. And for lots of companies, multicloud is already the present. But multicloud is also a big buzzword. It’s not always clear what people even mean when they’re talking about, for example, multicloud deployments. In this article, we’ll take a look at what multicloud, hybrid cloud, and intercloud really mean. We’ll also introduce a new term, single-workload multicloud, to refer to a specific type of multicloud deployment. Finally, we’ll dig into some of the key factors to consider when trying to choose which of these deployment methods is best for you.


Charlie Custer

July 17, 2023

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