SIGMOD & DaMoN 2024: Cockroach Labs Engineers Present “The Price of Privacy”

Last edited on June 5, 2024

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    It’s important for Cockroach Labs engineers to not just work on our CockroachDB distributed SQL database, but also make regular contributions to the academic community. 

    We’re proud to announce that a new paper written by Cockroach Labs engineers has been accepted to the 20th Anniversary DaMoN workshop. “The Price of Privacy: A Performance Study of Confidential Virtual Machines for Database Systems”, which explores tradeoffs and optimizations when running CockroachDB in a confidential computing environment.

    “The Price of Privacy” was authored by Lina Qiu, a former PhD intern at Cockroach Labs. Co-authors include Rebecca Taft, Senior Engineering Manager at Cockroach Labs; Alex Shraer, formerly Senior Engineering Manager at Cockroach Labs; and George Kollios, Professor of Computer Science at Boston University. 

    This new paper will be presented at the DaMoN workshop on June 10th, in Santiago, Chile. The premier workshop about Data Management on New Hardware, DaMoN is collocated with the annual SIGMOD conference. SIGMOD is the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) Special Interest Group on Management of Data, which specializes in large-scale data management problems.

    As a 2024 SIGMOD sponsor, Cockroach Labs staff (a.k.a. Roachers!) will exhibit throughout the show. If you attend, be sure to visit us at our table in the exhibitor area. 

    DaMoN workshop 2024

    DaMoN is collocated within the 2024 SIGMOD conference.

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