The Cockroach Hour: Ref Architectures: CDC to Kafka and OLAP/OLTP Integration

Published Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020

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In this episode of the Cockroach Hour, we will explore the use of the Change Data Capture (CDC) feature in CockroachDB and how it can be used to integrate with existing systems via a Kafka sink or S3 bucket.  

This “how to” type session, will explore not only what went into our design, but also how you can configure CDC on a table within CockroachDB and the best practices/reference architectures for its use in real-world scenarios
This will be an intro to intermediate session.
SIDEBAR: The Cockroach Hour
A regular discussion with experts on key topics facing organizations as we all transition to a new digital norm. You bring the questions and we’ll provide experts and a lighthearted and hopefully valuable hour of discussion.

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