The Cockroach Hour: Multi-region Kubernetes database with Red Hat OpenShift, CockroachDB, and Submariner

Published Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021

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In this hands-on session, we will walk through the deployment of CockroachDB on Red Hat OpenShift across three AWS regions. Running anything multi-cluster in Kubernetes presents a range of challenges and in this session, we will talk through a few of the major issues with security and networking.

We will walk through:

  • A reference architecture for a multi-cluster application
  • Deployment of CockroachDB using Red Hat OpenShift 
  • Multi-cluster secrets management using cert-manager and Vault
  • Using Submariner as the cross-domain networking solution

The combination of Red Hat OpenShift and CockroachDB is the easiest way to deploy an application across multiple regions/clusters as both are architected to scale easily and survive failures in this configuration.


Keith McClellan
Keith McClellan
Director, Partner Solutions Engineering
Cockroach Labs
Raffaele Spazzoli
Raffaele Spazzoli
Senior Principal Architect
Red Hat


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