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The Cockroach Hour: No Code? No Problem?

Published Wednesday, Mar 9, 2022

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No code platforms get mixed reviews. I guess “real” coders can’t let go of the code. So are these things necessary? Are they useful?

There are pluses and minuses for sure, but there just might be room for this approach.  No code platforms allow you to get a simple app running quickly and may be applicable for some simple workloads.

We played around with a few of these as we wanted to see how quickly we could get an app running on top of CockroachDB Serverless. We were impressed with how easy the end-to-end process was.

In this session we’ll run through our findings and:  

  • Provide an overview of some of the no code app platforms, such as:, Google AppSheet, AWS Honeycode, and 
  • Show you how you can get an app from nothing to up and running in under a minute and a half


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
Principal Product Evangelist
Cockroach Labs

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